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Why Us?

R Events is a service that will out shine all others and provide your customers with an outstanding entertaimnent experiance while providing your hotel with unbeatable rates and a unique, lucrative venture that will not only meet your needs but exceed them.

How We Work

We make sure when communicating with our hotel partners that it’s easy and smooth. We simply ask for bookings to be emailed and a contact for the client; we will get in touch with the client to discuss information regarding playlist, and then confirm back to the hotel that we have all information. We also call our hotel partners on a weekly basis to confirm the following week’s bookings just so nothing ever gets missed.

Your Resident DJ will then be briefed on every event and turn up no later than 2 hours before the event to set up and to do a sound test.

Your Resident DJ will liaise with the Host/Bride and/or Groom to introduce himself and confirm the times of when they would like the first dance and start of disco.

He will then make sure all guests are happy and are dancing like never before.

Added Benefits

Partnering with R Events comes with these benefits:

- We are the only company that exclusively partners with Hotels.

- Own Experianced Resident Dj and Singer

- Revenue on all services and packages

- Customised Dj Booth

- Own page on www.hoteldj.co.uk for customers to add on services and packages

- All bookings go through to the Hotel

- 24/7 open office

- All services flat rate

- 50% mark up on all services and packages

- Your own in-house entertainment department with out any costs

- Free services for Hotel Events

- 50% staff discount

- Will set up at Hotel wedding fayres and open days along with your resident Dj